Horans Wedding Cars
Horans Wedding Cars
Our company is the top mode of transportation for your wedding. Often couples have got a vague idea about the kind of car they want, what colour it should be, how a large number of seats it needs to have, and the general style that they like. Whether you want to be driven to the church on time, the attendants towards the ceremony, the family to the reception, the happy couple to the honeymoon resort, or even to the airport, Deputy auto na ślub Gdańsk ( Driver promises a completely professional service for you about your big day.

We all carefully select only the best examples; ones that people think are the most desirable, in the nicest condition and are well looked after and managed to provide you with both reliability and a fantastic experience, to create a truly memorable day with a great photos to look back in! Two fully restored genuine vintage buses (one of which includes a full length glass roof) perfect to get wedding celebrations.

Everyone wants to make their wedding day extra particular.
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