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I was doing a bit of research for another article when I ran across something I had not seen before. Visit this web resource for more Easy Article Rewriter. Article rewriting software. Writing as I do, I have certainly got word of rewriting articles, but I has not been conscious that there was clearly software to help you get it done. I checked out several these programs, and downloaded two of them. I played around with them, and frankly I think these are overrated. I took a piece of writing I had written, and ran it through this system, Article Editor 2.0. I told it to replace synonyms, and also got something rather strange from it. Here is among the before and after of a few sentences after using this program. Before: Living about the west coast I have spent considerable time on beaches. For some time now I have watched people walking by with metal detectors thinking, "What a waste of time." After: Living on the west coast I accept spent a clutch of energy on beaches.
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